News 20 November 2016
Author: Trudy Barry

A guy in America fell into an acid spring & totally dissolved

Author Trudy Barry
20 November 2016

A guy in the States has died after falling into a scalding hot acidic spring. Bleak. What makes it worse is when authorities tried to retrieve his body, he had been completely dissolved.

Back in June 23-year-old Colin Scott was visiting the Yellowstone area with his sister on a celebratory post-graduation trip when they decided they’d try “Hot Potting”. “Hot Potting” is basically when you just skinny dip in the naturally hot waters of Yellowstone. Why you’d want to skinny dip with your sis is anyone’s guess, but okay. 

In order to get some privacy the siblings snuck into a unauthorised spot near the Norris Geyser. Scott leaned down to test the temperature of the waters with his hand but lost his footing and fell in. He then drowned in the boiling hot, 10 foot deep waters.

Rescue services were called and could see Scott’s body floating in the waters, but due to a pending lightning storm were unable to use their equipment to retrieve him. By the time they returned the following day the body has been completely dissolved by the sulphuric acid that mixes with the water from the ground.

There is actually video footage of the incident happening as Scott’s sister was filming on her phone when he slipped, the video also shows her attempting to rescue her brother. However the vid is so distressing that the park service are refusing to release it.