News 21 June 2020

Yemen humanitarian crisis – how you can help

21 June 2020

Yemen is currently facing the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. 24 million people – 80 per cent of the population, are in need of some kind of humanitarian assistance.

12 million children alone are at risk of malnutrition due to food shortages and schools along with hospitals continue to be destroyed beyond repair.

Unicef said in a press release, “There is no aspect of a child’s life in Yemen that isn’t deeply impacted by the conflict. As the war on children in Yemen continues to injure and kill, the violence is also having a profound effect on children’s education – and their prospects for a brighter future.”

“Parties to the conflict should immediately stop the fighting and refrain from military activities in and around schools in Hudaydah and across Yemen, to keep students, teachers and other education staff out of harm’s way and give education a chance.”

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Unicef report that the emergency has been exacerbated as the pre-existing lack of access to health treatments and protective equipment such as gloves and masks has been made worse due to the virus. There are also limited testing facilities available – with only 31 tests per million citizens.

Sara Beysolow Nyanti, UNICEF’s country representative for Yemen said in a statement, “The crisis is of cataclysmic proportions”

“The children in Yemen are worse off than all children in the world – and for us, this is an emergency.”

“There is a pre-existing situation where children were already in dire need and now children are confronted with multiple issues – and COVID-19 just adds to their complex and very difficult lives.”

How you can help

The United Nations have said that without funding, they will have to close 30 of its 41 programmes that operate in Yemen. This will, of course, be to the detriment of the vulnerable who urgently rely on their help.

Several organisations are accepting donations including UNICEF and Islamic Relief.

If you’re unable to donate directly, there is an app called Free Rice which is sponsored by the UN. For every correct answer you get and advertisement you see during gameplay, 10 grains of rice are donated to the World Food Programme – 100% of all money generated via this game is donated to the programme. Download the app here.

There are also several petitions available via Amnesty International and that you can sign.

You can also write to your local MPs and demand they call on the government to do more. Find out who your local MP is here