News 8 July 2020

Yinka Bokinni Set To Present Upcoming Damilola Taylor Documentary ‘The Boy Next Door’

8 July 2020

Channel 4 has commissioned a new documentary with Acme Films to explore the violent murder of Damilola Taylor, 20 years on from the horrific incident which took place on the North Peckham Estate in South London in November 2000.

DJ and Capital Xtra presenter Yinka Bokinni, who was a childhood friend of Damilola, is set to present the poignant film, which will revisit and look into the devastating impact the young boy’s death had on their community.

Yinka is set to reconcile the two versions of her past to understand the warm and loving community she remembers, which was presented in the media as a crime-ridden estate that was put to blame for the tragic loss of Damilola’s life.

Speaking about the upcoming film, Yinka said: “I’ve never spoken about the murder of my childhood friend until now, I have lived my life with so many questions about what happened and why it happened in the place that I called home.

“To finally be telling the story feels both therapeutic and scary but I am ready to share this side of the story. Hopefully everyone will get to know the real Damilola, as he lived, a bit better.”

Commissioning Editor Fozia Khan added: “This deeply personal and important film, authored by Yinka Bokinni, makes us look at a story we think we know with fresh eyes. Although Damilola Taylor died 20 years ago, the questions Yinka asks and reflects on in the film have never felt more timely.”

The creative director of Acme Films Jaimie D’Cruz continued, saying: “Acme prides itself on telling stories that reflect the realities of life for people and communities whose voices are often silenced by simplified narratives and the rush to judgement.

“In revisiting an event that both shocked the nation and impacted young lives completely, Ashley Francis-Roy’s powerful film explores childhood, trauma and the nature of unreliable memory, and discovers a brilliant new documentary talent in Yinka Bokinni.”