Videos 25 June 2020

Paigey Cakey, LV General & More Discuss Black Lives Matter In Insightftul Short Film ‘You Love My Culture So Love My Life’

25 June 2020

Filmed in London during the Black Lives Matter protests, You Love My Culture So Love My Life is a short film directed by Muchengeti Madhovi that explores the current energy and urgency surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement after the murder of George Floyd.

The film tracks a group of young protestors on the first weekend of protests in London a few weeks back as they gather to vocalise their experiences and march against the continued use of police brutality against Black people. The voices of well-known social media artists and creatives in the UK share their perspective of racism, revealing personal injustices and disappointments with the system as well as discussing their visions for the current movement.

Speaking on the short film, Madhovi said: “One of the main provisos of this campaign is ‘silence is compliance’, and I felt as a filmmaker I had the responsibility to show up and speak out”, he says.

“I also wanted the people who couldn’t make it to the protest to feel the power and impact that was on the streets. The film is a symbolic length – 8 minutes 46 seconds long. It’s understated – just like racism, you don’t see it unless you look.”

“We cut to black in the film to represent the death of George Floyd but also to make sure whoever watches it listens to the voices” director Madhovi added. “Black people have not been heard for centuries. This is now the time to hear us.”

Creatives involved in the film include Man Like Mobeen and Yardie actor Tolu Ogunmefun, comedian and entertainer Munya Chawawa, YouTubers, and entertainers LV General and Bailey Ldn, independent rapper Smiler, and musician and content creator Paigey Cakey.

Make sure you watch the interesting and eye-opening short film above.