News 5 June 2020

New YouGov Survey Suggests 88% Of Brits Think The UK Is A Racist Society

5 June 2020

In a survey conducted by YouGov, it revealed that 88% of the British public think that the UK is a racist society.

Out of the 5,146 adults who were asked, only 6% admitted that they thought the nation was “not racist at all” while 88% believed it was racist to different extents.

The survey showed the percentages of just how racist they thought Brits were, in accordance to the following statements:

8% – Very racist

44% – Fairly racist

36% – Not very racist

An additional 7% of people answered that they “don’t know”.

The results also showed a higher percentage of women answered “very racist” and “fairly racist”, in comparison to men. Amongst gender, the survey took into consideration region, political beliefs, age and social grade.

Have a look at the figures below.

The results of the survey come just after peaceful protests took place in cities such as London, Birmingham and Bristol in response to the racism, injustice and inequality experienced by black people across the world.