News 10 February 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

You’ll never guess how much these students are earning…

Author Marisa Lee
10 February 2016

Timothy Armoo and Ambrose Cooke, both 21 year old students, established their company Fanbytes last year and are currently celebrating the six figures that they brought in for their first year.

But, the company is now predicted to earn a huge seven figures next year and will only grow from there.

Fanbytes helps brands like Nickelodeon, GoPro and Adidas collaborate with social media stars in order to increase their YouTube, Instagram and Twitter audience, and predicts who the next star vlogger will be by judging how big their following is.

Clients tell Fanbytes about their brand and then whether it’s downloads, traffic or hype on socials, Fanbytes helps them build a successful campaign.

Timothy, a student at Warwick but who spends most of his time working in London, told the Daily Mail, “We can predict who will be the next breakout stars on YouTube based on some super geeky algorithm that we’ve created and brands as such New Look, Sephora, and Adidas are all hopping on board.”

Timothy went on to describe his inspiration, “I remember my little cousin buying a bunch of new stuff, random new hats and trainers and I asked him why he got them. He mentioned that he was influenced by KSI who is a YouTuber now.

“When you see your own family members having their purchasing habits being changed by this random guy in his bedroom somewhere you’re instantly alerted to the power of YouTubers. Similarly, we saw that these guys were micro celebrities in their own right and needed a way to monetise their audience.”

We wish the boys luck with their sick idea.