Interviews News 13 July 2017
Author: Rebecca Rose

GRM Exclusive: Young T & Bugsey on shutting down Wireless, Justin Bieber & being signed

13 July 2017

Wireless Festival is always one for the most explosive energy, dream performance collaborations and a whole lot of madness. This year was no different, and we had the chance to sit down with the guys of the moment, Young T and Busgey after their packed out performance at the festival.

So how was the show for you, mad to be playing a sold out Wireless?

: “It was mad, we opened up on the Pepsi Max stage, everybody came to actually see man. I was shocked cos obviously it’s London and there was other people performing as well, Section was on the main stage, we were on the Pepsi Max stage and there was still a lot of people. It was nice, it made man feel good.

Since the last time you sat down with GRM, the “Gangland” video has reached two million views. Was there a special celebration or was it just more motivation?

: “More just motivation, ‘cos we got a mill now we want another one and another one, so that’s how we took it.”

Obviously you saw the Justin Bieber reaction to “Gangland”. What were your thoughts on that?

Young T: “It just came out of nowhere, we were chilling in the car and it came on socials, it was mad.”

: “I
couldn’t believe it.” 

Would you say you rate him? 

: “YES! YO, JB shout me!”

The difference between US rap & UK rap is being spoken about quite a lot at the moment. How would you define the difference between the two sounds?

: “To be honest, in UK rap we implement our heritage in it a bit more. American rap is dominated by that community. The black community has been there for so many years. Our’s is more influenced by our heritage, that’s why we got the whole afro swing ting.”

Who would be your dream collaboration in the US or the UK and do you think your sound would vibe with that of the US?

: “Of course! I mean, obviously Drake, Drake all the way. Then Migos, Uzi, Rae Sremmurd and Travis, got to be Travis.” 

YT: “And 21! 21 Savage, 21 shout me!”

Has life changed since significantly being signed?

: “Mad changed, it’s changed for the better, because even though we took it seriously before that, we quit our jobs and then got signed.”

YT: “Getting signed is like there’s no turning back now. It’s not a day job thing no more, This is our life.”

you grew up together, was it always a thing where you vibed musically?

“There was a big group of us all doing music together, so obviously when you all grow up, some of you grow apart, so it was just me and him. We decided to keep on together.”

What are
 your plans for the rest of the year?

: “We got another single coming out soon, very, very, very soon, on GRM I believe, so you got another mill coming your way. We’re gonna drop another one after that as well then maybe, just maybe, a project… maybe just maybe a mixtape or something.”

Any other milestones you want to reach?

YT: “I can’t wait to do a headline show in Nottingham, it’s gonna be a proper moment for the city.”

How is it when you go back there?

: “Mad. It’s mad and the thing about it is that we don’t really see any hate, people might think we do, but everyone’s just like really on it. End of the day, when we’re back in Notts you’ll still see us about, we’re just gonna be rolling like normal civilians.”

What are your plans for the rest of the day at the festival?

: “Rest of the day, we’re just out here. We got to hit, Travis, Rae Sremmurd, even Skeppy, Skeppy got the new thing “Hypnosis”, sp we got to hit it.”