News 9 March 2016

Young Thug to collab’ with Elton John

9 March 2016

Young Thug is set to remix Elton John’s classic, ‘Rocket Man’.

Yes. You read that correctly; after a Facetime conversation, John is said to have flung Young Thug the instrumental version of the track for him to lay his vocals down.

Even more bizarrely, Elton John is said to be quite the fan, playing a few of Young Thugs tracks on his Beats1 radio show.

Confused yet so so intrigued? Yep. Me too.

Take a look below for the top 5 weirdest collaborations

Eminem x Dido

We never thought the worlds of rapper Eminem would collide with London’s own Dido, but it worked really well and the track shot up to #1 in the UK starts.

Enrique Iglesias x Lil Wayne

Not Lil Wayne’s finest hour; this track saw him collab’ with king of cheese Enrique Iglesias for ‘Push’, featured in the film Step Up 2.

Tupac x Elton John

Elton John is no newcomer when it comes to remixing his tracks with a Hiphop artist. Elton also was famously joined by Eminem at the Grammy’s 2001 for a rendition of ‘Stan’.

Jonas Brothers x Common

What do you get when you cross a squeaky clean Disney boyband with a conscious rapper? This incredibly strange strange song…

Akshay Kumar x Snoop Dogg

Bollywood meets West Coast . Although Snoop only utters a mere 28 words, this is by far one of the strangest collaborations I’ve come across. Tapping into the Bollywood market the video was co-directed by Snoop’s manager.