Videos 17 January 2017
Author: Dani

Young Thug’s hilarious video for “Wyclef Jean” is amazing

Author Dani
17 January 2017

Young Thug returns with a hilarious video for “Wyclef Jean”, featuring a narrative by the co-director – Ryan Staake (a.k.a Pomp&Clout) – as to how the video went completely opposite to plan.

Even though the final product cost $100,000 to make, Thugger doesn’t actually even feature in the video itself.

That being said, the video is a hilarious combination of B-Roll shots, audio of Thugger’s creative vision, and his own submitted footage of himself eating cheetos. I

t’s all scrambled together with labels and expository text, giving us a glimpse into the difference between what the video was going to be, and what it actually became. Featuring real police officers watching on as girls destroy a police car; it’s definitely worth a watch.

Click here to watch Young Thug’s video for “Memo”, right here on GRM.