News 8 July 2020

Youth Music Launches £2 Million Fund To Promote Inclusion & Diversity In Music Industry

8 July 2020

Youth Music has launched a £2million fund to aid the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the music industry.

The national charity, which invests in music projects to support young people, has announced their plans for their new Incubation Fund, according to a new report about the future of Youth Music.

The Incubator Fund will be supported by the People’s Postcode Lottery and will offer grants of up to £30,000 to employers in the music industry to support the careers of people aged 18-25 across two years.

The CEO of Youth Music, Matt Griffiths, said: “The existing music industry model is broken and there’s a new one up for grabs. We must use the upheaval and challenges of 2020 as a springboard to hit reset on the music industry and fling open the doors. There’s never been a better time to map and follow a blueprint for the future and prioritise what’s truly important.

“For more than two decades, Youth Music has invested in music education projects nationwide supporting the next generation of young musicians. But time and time again, we’ve witnessed a stifling of young talent as career aspirations are cut short by unnecessary barriers and discrimination.

“Music has always been a force for inclusion and revolution, helping us imagine a better future. This seminal moment presents us with a real opportunity to not only reflect but to act. We know there’s a deep desire for transformation across the grassroots of the music industries. By working together, individually and collectively, we can create the change that’s being loudly called for.”

This comes after it was confirmed that the UK government will be funding the UK’s arts, culture and heritage industries with a staggering £1.57billion support package in efforts to “help support employment, including freelancers working in these sectors.”