News 8 October 2017
Author: Courtney W

YouTube views set to count towards album sales

8 October 2017

New technology and the internet has had a massive impact on the music industry and it looks like this trend won’t be ending soon. This is because YouTube views are expected to count towards album sales in the near future.

According to reports, Billboard’s Top 200 Charts are set to factor in the views racked up on YouTube when determining the number of albums sold. Reports also claim user-generated videos are likely to be factored in by Billboard.

The Hot 100 Singles Chart already factors in YouTube views but the alleged plans to extend this to the Top 200 Charts will make it easier for artists, and have-a-go artist-comedians, to land a position in the album charts.

At the moment, the reports only refer to the U.S. charts but if implemented, we can expect similar changes to come into effect in the Official Charts in the UK.

Billboard is yet to confirm the supposed changes.

Watch the video below for a breakdown of what this would mean for the music industry.