News 22 October 2021

#YouTubeBlack Voices Music Class Of 2022 Announced Featuring NSG, Kamille & More

22 October 2021

YouTube Music has now revealed the line-up of creators who have been selected for the #YouTubeBlack Voices Music Class of 2022!

The initiative from YouTube is a multi-year commitment from YouTube, dedicated to spotlighting and growing Black creators by providing them with resources to help them thrive on YouTube.

Those selected in each class receive resources from YouTube including a dedicated support from a YouTube Partner Manager, seed funding invested into the development of their content, workshops and masterclasses throughout the year and access to exclusive social and community programmes.

This year, YouTube have also welcomed the legend Slick Rick as the inaugural mentor member of the Black Voices Artist Class of 2022.

In its first year in 2021, the initative assisted 133 individuals in backgrounds such as music, beauty, comedy, teaching and more.

Among those in the #YouTubeBlack Voices Music Class of 2022 are Black creators from the United States, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, the UK and Canada.

Representing for the UK in this year’s class are artists Bree Runway, Kamille, Jords, NSG and Tamera, as well as songwriters Cadenza and Compass.

“We would describe our music as world music, a sort of vibe and feeling that can’t be located or reconstructed anywhere else,” NSG said. “Our passion for music started from school and always recording ourselves, which grew into a hobby that we knew we were destined for greatness.

“The funding and opportunity with YouTube helps spread the message of NSG to a wider audience allowing us to infect more people with the vibe we bring to the music scene.”

To see the #YouTubeBlack Voices Music Class of 2022 in full, click here!