Interviews 17 September 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

GRM Exclusive: Yxng Bane on his sound, that Ed Sheeran remix & secret Dr Martens show

17 September 2017

Yxng Bane was recently involved with a Dr Martens campaign about rebellious self expression. GRM were lucky enough to sit down with the Lone Wolf so far to talk about his secret show and his career so far. Here’s what he told writer Teeeah.

How has the year been so far?

“It’s been exciting. Different experiences, different places and a lot of overtime. Something I haven’t experienced before, so I’m enjoying the ride at the moment.”

How do you manage your personal life alongside having an active career?

“I’ll do a full day at the studio, then go and see family after, or stay home for a few days. I’m trying to balance it. To keep my sanity I have to try and function like a normal human being.”

What’s your typical day?

“It depends on what day it is (laughs). I get up, clean and tidy up. Then I’ll go to the dry cleaners then I’ll go get a haircut, then I go to the studio and I’m at the studio all day. Then I have to go and see a friend or whoever to balance my personal life, then I’ll go home at God knows what time, or I’ve even be in the studio till late, then that friend would have to come meet me there.”

Who or what are your artistic inspiration?

“I’m a big fan of Off White and a big fan of Virgil (Abloh). I like his approach and everything he does, his attention to detail as well. Future I’m playing every single tune from his album and WizKid latest album; I like “Sexy”.

Listeners could say you started on the trap vibe and now you’re taking a more afroswing type approach; would you agree with that?

“I don’t do Afrobeats, I don’t do or belong to any genre. What I do is, I go to the studio and listen to the beat and whatever it tells me to talk about, what I’m going through in life, that’s how I express it with the beat. The old Bane hasn’t gone! Just be patient, I’m coming (laughs).”

How do you feel about your transition signing with Disturbing London and how has this impacted your career moves?

“It’s authentic, that’s the best way to describe it. It feels like family. Obviously you can see the impact, the direction from it. Something special is happening.”

That Ed Sheeran remix; how did that effect your versatility as an artist?

“Prior to that you would only see me on that vibe with something like “Fine Wine”. I think it surprised everyone, kinda showed everyone what I can do on that vibe, and then it just took off.”

Your latest release “Rihanna” , what was the inspiration behind it?

“I got a little bad thing called Rhianna (laughs). I told you, I just go to the booth and talk the truth. So you don’t know Rhianna?”

Is there an album on the way?

“Nah man, who is trying to start rumours (laughs),.I’m just taking it day by day. I’m just going to the studio. Every day is a different day with something new to talk about.”

“Bestie” was in the top 20 ;how did you celebrate?

“We didn’t even celebrate it! I was in Ibiza at the time, G(Frsh) just got me an extra bottle (laughs).”

You recently has a show with Dr Martens. How does that relate to you with your fashion sense?

“If you know me, you know I’ve always had an interest in fashion. This was another authentic move. No one said we had to do this, it just happen naturally. I work with that style, you can see that.”

Do you have any favourite quotes that you live by?

“‘You’re always be as slow as the slowest person on your team’ and ‘To stay well connected well respected and very well protected.’”

When it comes to rebellious self expression, few brands are as much of a beacon of individuality as Dr. Martens. The uniform of choice for gig goers and performers the world over, few items of clothing are as intrinsically linked to music as the iconic AirWair boot.

Embracing this ethos, this year the #WORNDIFFERENT campaign will be bringing three entirely different artists with one uniting factor – a unique spirit of individuality – to three of the UK’s biggest cities for three incredible, disruptive secret shows.