Interviews 20 November 2018
Author: Alex Griffin

GRM Exclusive: Yxng Bane talks music icons, style influences & his custom Timberland boot

20 November 2018

With his brand new mixtape out everywhere now, Yxng Bane has cemented his status as one of the heavyweights of the rap game, confirming he’s more than just a youngster with talent.

Wavy melodies and braggadocios raps have long been a staple of his vocal style, but he’s also developed quite a rep over the past couple of years as a leader in style too.

It was only right then that he teamed up with Timberland, collaborating on a new music video with the iconic yellow boot that’s been ever present in hip-hop culture over the years.

We caught up with him in celebration of the launch of his new “Slip N Slide” music video, discussing everything from his musical icons, right down to his style influences. Check it out below.

Who are your biggest music icons?

I am inspired by so many musicians from different eras but I would say my biggest icons are the Isley Brothers, Michael Jackson, Wizkid and Charlie Wilson.”

What do you think makes something iconic?

I think the key to something being iconic is authenticity and credibility. It has to be memorable and people need to be inspired by it.”

As part of your new relationship with Timberland, you got the opportunity to design your own version of the classic boot…Tell us how your take on the classic represents your own personal style?

I designed a boot that represents me and what I’m about. WG, Wone God. So One God and Gods Won…Wolf Gang.”

Who or what influences your style the most?

My style is influenced mostly by the weather (laughs). Seriously though, my baby sister Godwin, I sometimes ask her to pick out my trainers. She’s like 4… but she’s got a good taste!”

With your personal sense of style, how do you like to wear the classic Timberland boots?

I like to wear rep the classic boots with a blue jean or tracksuit pants…or dark jeans. Anything really, big drip!”

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