Videos 21 February 2021
Author: Courtney W

Samantha Browne Opens Up About Being Groomed Into The Sex Industry On ‘The Zeze Millz Show’

21 February 2021

A new episode of The Zeze Millz Show has arrived and this one is an important one with a trigger warning.

Sitting down with Zeze this time is Manchester native Samantha Browne, an anti-human trafficking activist, who opens up about her emotional life story.

After discussing her childhood, Samantha explains how she was groomed and sex trafficked into the adult industry at 16-years-old, describing the shocking things she experienced.

As Samantha states at the start of the conversation, she considers it a “duty of care” to share her truth to prevent the same occurrences from happening in the future and we’re sure her appearance on The Zeze Millz Show will definitely raise awareness.

Watch the discussion between Zeze and Samantha above.