News 4 April 2020

Headie One says he’s quitting drill

4 April 2020

Headie One has dropped a bombshell. The artist told his fans on Twitter that he is done making drill music – at least for the next year anyway. 

Following the release of his new joint project with Fred Again, Gang, Headie made the following statement on Twitter. 

He said, “All my beloved fans chatting shit cos of u my mind has been made up. no drill music from me for 365 nights”.

The mixtape housed eight new tracks and saw Headie explore new genres and experiment with his sound. 

With Headie One being one of the most talented artists in drill and simultaneously one of the most versatile, fans are eager to know what musical direction the artist will take moving forward. 

Perhaps Headie might actually be taking a break from drill or he might be teasing his fans. 

What do you think? Let us know on socials and then read our feature on why Headie One is the most unique artists to emerge from the drill scene.