News 28 September 2019

Man accused of shoplifting after security mistake his “10-inch penis” for stolen goods

28 September 2019

A man has been left humiliated and angry after his “10-inch penis” caused him to be falsely accused of shoplifting.

The 47-year-old from Stoke-On-Trent was allegedly cornered by security staff at the shop’s exit after he had spent £390 on merchandise.

The man claims the staff believed he stole a t-shirt and stuffed it into his pants; citing the “bulge in (his) underpants” as the visible evidence.

In an interview, the falsely accused shoplifter, Steve Whitehurst, said “I had very tight jeans on that day and there was a bulge, yes, but that’s not illegal. I can’t help the way I’m made”.

He also added that he is a “little man, be it one with a large penis, against this big corporate company” and further described his ordeal.

When questioned by staff at the store, Mr Whitehurst said, “I asked the staff, “so where have I put them? She said ‘in your trousers’. She pointed at my shorts and said, ‘what’s that bulge in your underpants?’ and I said, “you are joking.”

“I went to the cubicle and pulled down my pants and showed them it was my penis”.

Steve further described the ordeal, adding, “I had stood there for 30 minutes and my head started going funny. Then more security guards started turning up and I thought this is barmy because I proved my innocence. I just said if that’s the case phone the police and check the CCTV footage and they refused. I was a bit shocked”.
He also clarified that this has never happened to him before, saying, “I have women staring at it, but I’ve never been accused of shoplifting”.

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