Exclusives 4 August 2021
Author: Seth P

GRM Exclusive: 11 Hardest Dave Bars from ‘We’re All Alone in This Together’

4 August 2021
Dave Hardest Bars GRM

The Boy wonder Dave dropped his sophomore album We’re All Alone in this Together a few weeks ago, and it smashed several chart records last week when it went number one. We’re All Alone in this together sold 74,000 in the first week, which is more than all the other top four artists combined. These first week stats are also the highest in a decade for any UK rap artist.

To celebrate this monumental achievement, we’ve somehow rounded up 11 of our favourite bars from We’re All Alone in this Together. Be sure to hit us on the socials and let us know which bars are your favourite! Take in our compilation below right now!

We’re All Alone

We all took the wrong turns in different streets, we all cried the same tears on different cheeks

The opener on We’re All Alone in this Together probably doesn’t hit you as hard as “Psycho” on his debut album did. However, that is not to say that this track is any less of a fantastic opener. The sentiment of the album title is fully captured in the lyrics above.


‘What you know about telling a 10/10 to keep her clothes on and moving good? I aint on beating or misogyny its mahogany I got boujii wood’

Call of Duty fans may recognise the title of this track as the name of the map that the battle royale iteration of the game Warzone is set in. Dave is fully on smoke on this tune, as he takes a welcome break from the deep thought provoking bars, and goes into full stunting mode. It’s the second most streamed track on the album, which could be an indicator that we might get a video for it!


Bae, cant look in my mentions thats Area 51, Im so close to my pension my left wrist Is 61, my left wrist retiring.’

The lead single from We’re All Alone in this Together, sees the long awaited collaboration between Dave and Stormz. The track again sees Dave flexing on the naysayers, and serves as a reminder of who’s at the top of the game, in case there was any doubt.

The striking visuals see Dave and Stormz in the Aston Martin factory, driving only the most exclusive whips. The lyricism is certainly something that shouldn’t be slept on, as both artists revel in the spoils of lyrical warfare.

“In The Fire”

‘Fuck a gun charge, two swords I’m a ronin, Blaszczykowski I’m trying to score with the polish’ 

Track four probably housed the biggest surprise of the entire album. Dave assembled some of the biggest artist in the country for seven minute shelling. Fredo, Meekz, Ghetts, Giggs and Santan Dave himself all go hard in this seven minute lyrical onslaught, no hook, just straight lyricism.

Debates raged online about who had the best verse, and there was certainly several candidates for what Dave lyric stood out the most, but we went for this one. I’m sure Blaszczykowski is not a footballer you’d ever have thought you’d hear referenced in a lyric. Don Strapzy would be proud!

“Three Rivers”

Windrush babies from Kingston to Brixton, to say they’re the life of the party you’re wrong. My Jamaicans the entire party you cant see? Big Notting Hill Carni you cant see? The rides fibre glass G you wan see?

Dave returns to his comfort zone of politically charged lyricism, as he channels three different stories of immigrants trying to make their way in the UK, and the injustices they face along the way.

The lyric above might not be what you’d expect, it’s not a crazy multi or triple entendre; but it’s culturally significant. The flow that Dave utilises is a Dubz “Pain is the Essence” interpolation, and the way he effortlessly switches is certainly worthy of acknowledgement.

“Heart Attack”

Youts on the m6 all the time, we dont need TFL for a northern line, all the best politicians been taught to lie. Where do they buy cocaine when they’re snorting white? Are their dealers safe or are they on the border line? Its ironic because we dont know where to draw the line, man see Blue’s story they’re mortified, man see scarface and its glorified, cause when you’re black everything gets scrutinised, thats why they call it urban it gets euphemised, south London, man are getting euthanised.’

Longtime Dave fans will remember track three “Panic Attack” on the Six Paths EP which dropped back in 2016. This tune was somewhat a sequel to “Panic Attack”. The track is close to 10 minutes long, which probably defies logic, in a time when our attention spans are supposedly shorter than ever. Towards the end of the tune, the beat fades, and Dave continues to spit acapella and hits us with a barrage of hard hitting lyricism. It was difficult to settle on a single line, so we had to give you the whole scheme.

Law of Attraction

‘Fuck with me, I’ll put you in a truck with me, you’re stuck with me. You cant take back all the shit that you done with me, you’re gonna break a bone if you fall out of love with me.’ 

Along with Wiz Kid, Stormz and James Blake; Snoh Aalegra was one of the most attractive features that Dave chose to reveal with the track list. “Law of Attraction” plays like a traditional rap track, with Dave providing verses aimed at a potential love interest bookended by some sultry hooks from Snoh Aalegra.

Survivor’s Guilt

My ex has got Ivory skin, which is funny cause its really the elephant in the room, is that enough reason to bury me in a tomb? I fell in love with an Albanian, I know its mad we’re not together cause her family would hold us back. I saw the red flags and I wouldn’t want my child to grow in that, rum and red bull its a culture clash.’

The final track on the album is one of the hardest hitting. As the track name suggests, Dave details some of the pitfalls associated with fame, and how he battles with the guilt of being the one who got. This lyric touches on his relationship with his ex, and how things went south. In true Dave fashion, he puts this all together in an incredibly descriptive way.


‘She wanna do SMS, not save my soul thats spend my savings, waiter can you bring more champagne in for all the times I was living in stress, I wanna own all my shhh, but the systems built so we’re living in debt.’

On Psychodrama Dave had the inescapable smash hit “Location” with Burna Boy. He teams up with Wiz Kid to bring us another banger with a similar flavour.


I think me, women and Italian shoes, work well together like Maggi and cube, pretty in pink, but she badder in blue, if you were me you’d be arrogant too.’

Rather than just provide us with one vibey tune, Dave delivers us a second one in the form of “Lazarus”. This time teaming up with Boj, to bring us another earworm. Dave is at his boasy best on this one, letting us know about his prowess with the opposite sex in no uncertain terms.

“Survivor’s Guilt”

‘I got gorillas all around me allow me, don’t get grabbed in a party you’re lacking, you’ll die for a whine like Joffrey Baratheon’

Another crazy line from “Survivor’s Guilt”. Dave clearly draws lyrical inspiration from far and wide, Game of Thrones fans will love this one, as Dave references Joffrey’s death with the double entendre/homonym on the word whine.

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