News 14 January 2017
Author: Marisa Lee

12 year old boy pulls gun on girl over chicken nuggets

Author Marisa Lee
14 January 2017

It’s been a weird week for America. All rappers are trying to box each other, Trump allegedly enjoys being weed on, and a guy shot at his wife because she took a bite of his cheese toastie. Staying on-trend with “is this real life” current affairs, a boy held a gun to a girl’s head over some chicken nuggets this week. 

Although it sounds like something from a sitcom, New York police have confirmed that a 12-year-old boy has been accused of pulling a gun on a girl because she wouldn’t give him a chicken nugget.

The boy apparently asked her for a nugget in McDonald’s in Harlem and after she refused, he followed her to a subway station and held a gun to her head.

The girl bravely pushed the gun away and got on a train while the boy was later taken into police custody.

The NYPD say that the gun hasn’t been found and haven’t confirmed whether it was real or a replica.

Is it that McDeep?