Exclusives 19 March 2021
Author: Kafui Mensah

GRM Exclusive: 9 Essential OFB tunes

19 March 2021
OFB Essentials

OFB have been a staple in the drill scene since its inception, with each member bringing their own unique flair. They’ve provided us with drill classics over the years and with a new project on the horizon, GRM look back at some of their finest work.


Kicking off the listicle, we’ve got “Ambush”, the 2019 track that became an instant classic amongst all drill fans. The iconic trio of SJ, Bandokay, & DoubleLz shell on the Sykes Beats production in a devilish fashion.

“OT Boppin”

Premiered in the first month of 2020 DoubleLz & Bandokay teamed up to kick the year off with a bang alongside the Toefoma & TKbeats production. The dynamic duo show their range on “OT Boppin” with Bandokay taking on the chorus to create a melody we’re still spitting a year later.

“Once in a while”

The next track saw the two OFB generations collaborate on the Sykes production to deliver on a level of rapping you could only see in the scene once in a while. With Bandokay, DoubleLz, & SJ linking up with Headie the tune was destined to be a hit. Each respective rapper brings their own unique energy to the beat, as see Headie’s calm lyrical cadence contrast with youthful fire of the trio.

“Daily Duppy”

OFB’s highly anticipated GRM Daily Duppy saw Bandokay & DoubleLz call in Izzpot with the trio tearing up the Sensei & Bigzy x Ebononthetrack production in effortless fashion. Going back to back, each member brings their own unique cadence to the track, resulting in one of the hardest Daily Duppy’s to date.

“Next Up”

This legendary “Next Up” sees the trio of Bando, Double Lz and SJ going hard over the cold M1OnTheBeat instrumental. It has racked up a crazy amount of views in two short years, currently just shy of 16 million.


As a follow up to SJ’s legendary “Youngest In Charge”, Bando steps into the studio to show his talent on the mic as an individual artist. Produced by Craftadicts Beats, the cruddy beat selection sees Bandokay adopt a jumpy lyrical cadence while carrying the tracks chorus with a catchy hook. The track carries some iconic lines and is a must for any OFB fan.

“Listen Up!”

“Listen Up!” sees SJ and Bandokay link up on the Ghosty produced beat to provide the scene with another OFB classic. The duo waste no time on the track pulling out elite wordplay that will make you think twice, alongside a cold flow that carries the track with a brash energy.


Tottenham’s iconic trio of SJ, Bandokay & Double Lz get busy on the K6 Beatz production making “Purge” another example as to why they should be regarded as some of the most talented in the scene today. The 019 banger opened the flood gates for their domination of the scene two years ago and still gets reloaded today.


2020 presented the world with its own trials and tribulations, seeing the rise of BLM once more in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police. It set off eruptions around the world with millions demanding justice on an international level.

Here in the UK, Bandokay, Double Lz & Abra Cadabra used their craft to spread a message of change, dedicating the track to Mark Duggan a victim of police brutality.