News 7 July 2022

Aitch & Relentless Celebrate The Launch Of Aitch-S2

7 July 2022

Aitch and the Relentless team packed out an exclusive venue in southeast London for a lit event to celebrate the launch of Aitch-S2.

The new alternative travel scheme Aitch-S2 will run for eight weeks between 5th July and 26th August and will provide under 25s with free train tickets to UK festivals, gigs and nightlife.

Talking about the scheme in a speech on the night, Aitch shared the website as well as his thoughts on why the scheme is so important for young people. 

Taking place at ForeverGood in Bermondsey, the venue was transformed into a buzzing transport hub with a branded carriage and road signs.

The event welcomed some of the biggest names in TV, Radio and social media including Chuckie Lothian, Love Island’s Antigoni Buxton, Danz & Kaz, R.A.E, Sam Obaseki, Jay McGregor, Darnell Ferguson, Candice Cane, Jordss DJ, Kizzi and more. 

Guests were served Relentless cocktails and special edition Relentless sweet treats throughout the evening. 

Take in some pictures from the night below.