News 29 October 2016

Azealia Banks breaks down on TV (again)

29 October 2016

Azealia Banks broke down during an interview on Access Hollywood, talking about the alleged incident with Russell Crowe when she accused him of choking her, spitting at her and calling her the N- word – read the full story here.

Despite many of the guests at the party where the alleged incident happened refuting her side of the story, she claimed to be “humiliated” by the incident and said she was “always being blamed.” 

GRM Daily

She had attended the party as a guest of RZA and told Access Hollywood that when she sought him out for support after the altercation, where she was accused of threatening to cut a female guest, she could tell he was irritated that she’d “f***** up his seat at the table with the white guys.” 

Unfortunately for Azealia, Wu-Tang Rapper RZA wrote a statement on his Facebook backing up Russell Crowe’s actions and stating that “seeing is believing and I saw her behave as an obnoxious erratic individual.”

He even went on to say that Banks had insisted on financial help with a flight. a place to stay, a record deal and an invite to the party which he complied with.

With Bank’s dropping charges it doesn’t look as though she has a leg to stand whilst trying to claim victim in this situation. Oh Dear, Azealia.