Videos 2 September 2021

Backroad Gee Performs New Single “Fear Nuttin” For Apple Music’s Agenda Live

2 September 2021

Apple Music have presented us with another instalment of their The Agenda Live series, this time enlisting east London’s Backroad Gee.

Performing a brand-new single titled “Fear Nuttin”, Backroad Gee comes through with his usual energetic approach in a set of visuals from director Femi Ladi, who captures the rapper vibing with his crew in a dark warehouse.

“With the The Agenda Live video and “Fear Nuttin” coming out I’m just gassed because that song means a lot to me you know,” Backroad Gee said, “it comes from a deep place.”

Similarly to Apple Music’s The Agenda Radio with Dotty and The Agenda playlist, The Agenda Live aims to represent authentic voices from the UK and beyond; showcasing performances from talent within hip-hop, grime, R&B, afrobeats and everything in between.

Speaking on Backroad Gee, Dotty said: “His entire style defies convention which makes him one of the most exciting new names in Black music. No matter how many times you hear his voice coming through your speakers, it still stops you in your tracks and demands your attention as though you’re listening to him for the first time.”

Backroad Gee’s performance comes as he gears up to release his forthcoming mixtape, Reporting Live From The Back Of The Roads, which is due for release next month.

Make sure you take in Backroad Gee’s performance of “Fear Nuttin” in the video above!