News 11 July 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

Are Big Narstie and Azealia Banks set to appear on Celebrity Big Brother?

Author Marisa Lee
11 July 2016

Adding to the infamous list of celebs to grace our screens on Celebrity big Brother, there are rumours that Big Narstie, Azealia Banks and Lil Kim are possible contenders for the next series.

It’s been a big year for Narstie with him making appearances on ITV and getting involved with the referendum, while Azaelia has mostly been in the headlines for being racist and saying stupid things about Grime. Her racist abuse towards Zayn Malik and saying that British MCs can’t rap got her taken off the Born and Bred festival line up.

We hope they both join the show so that Narstie can extend his response to the singer’s comments into the offline world.

Lil Kim has also reportedly been offered £500,000 to star in the show’s 11th series, with The Daily Star’s source adding; “Producers are thrilled they’ve finally got her. It’s taken a lot of cash but they are confident she will be worth it.”

The opening night of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother will be at the end of July, with a Channel 5 spokesperson stating; “The identities of the Housemates are top secret, but we can confirm there will be egos, drama, tantrums and diva strops. They shouldn’t make themselves too much at home because despite the shiny new look of the house, all that glitters is not gold.”