News 13 November 2019
Author: Alice Moodle

You’ll Never Guess What Boris Johnson Is being Mocked For Now

13 November 2019

There’s a lot going on in UK politics at the moment and with big decisions being made, politicians are being picked apart for everything they do. The latest – how Boris Johnson makes a cup of tea.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was seen making a cup of tea during an election broadcast on social media, which quickly caused outrage as UK citizens began to argue over what the correct way to make a cuppa is.

The PM was seen pouring milk into his cup before taking the tea bag out of the brewing hot water. Comments of shock quickly flooded socials with messages such as… 

“Needs to get rid of that filthy habit…take the bag out first….” one individual wrote online.

Another added: “Our actual Prime Minister doesn’t know how to make a cup of tea. Just how low can we possibly sink?”

Others agreed with the PM’s tea-making skills writing. One user wrote: 
“Nope. I always do that!”

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