News 4 March 2016

The chairman of the BPI talks lack of diversity at this year’s Brit Awards

4 March 2016

After criticism over the lack of diversity at the Brits this year, BPI chairman Ged Doherty today wrote an insightful piece for The Guardian.

He said, “Some might characterise the problem as a lack of diversity among the nominees but, for me, it was more about the lack of recognition of emerging music that is a huge part of British youth culture.”

Ged makes a valid point; although to us grime and rap culture is nowhere near being “emerging music”, to the majority of the nation it is, or at least it was. In 2016 however, with the likes of Stormzy and Skepta dominating the shape of youth culture right now, it was downright bizarre they didn’t pick up any nominations anywhere.

Another of the main red flags raised was the concern towards the lack of a diverse panel when it comes to picking the nominees; which Ged revealed to be, he suspects, “largely white, with a bias towards older men.”

Highlighting this problem, Ged mentioned the steps he is personally taking to right this wrong. Excitingly, he revealed that after meeting with Stormzy (who publicly announced his disappointment at not being nominated), a new advisory committee has been put in place with members of the BAME music community.

This is a very important step towards making The Brits a true reflection of the music that is popular today and an all around more lit occasion. Let’s hope it works.

You can read his full article right here.