News 2 November 2021

Carole Baskin Sues Netflix Over ‘Tiger King 2’ Footage

2 November 2021

Big cat lover Carole Baskin is suing Netflix over their footage of her in the upcoming Tiger King 2 series.

Yesterday (November 1) Baskin and her husband, Howard Baskin, filed a lawsuit which accuses Netflix and Royal Goode Productions of breaching their contract by using footage of the couple in the trailer for Tiger King 2. Carole and Howard claim they only signed appearance release forms for the first series.

The pair want Netflix to remove all footage of them from Tiger King 2.

The lawsuit states: “By utilizing the film footage of the Baskins and Big Cat Rescue secured by Royal Goode Productions under the Appearance Releases in ‘sizzle reels’ and promotional trailers for the sequel entitled ‘Tiger King 2,’ the Defendants are in breach of the terms of the Appearance Releases.”

The lawsuit also claims Tiger King 1 was “particularly harsh and unfair in its depiction of the Baskins” and misleading about operations at Big Cat Rescue.

Netflix have declined to comment on the matter.

The lawsuit comes just weeks before Tiger King 2 launches on Netflix on November 17, following on from the first series which became a hit with viewers during lockdown last year.

The docuseries explores big cat breeding, as well as its underworld, and followed eccentric characters such as Joe Exotic and his nemesis Carole Baskin.