Exclusives 25 July 2022
Author: Joe Simpson

GRM Exclusive: CB Proves Why He’s One Of The Kings Of Drill On ‘A Driller’s Perspective 2’

25 July 2022

CB has had an undeniable impact on UK Drill music since he burst onto the scene in 2017. “Take That Risk”, produced by M1OnTheBeat and MKThePlug, is one of the most iconic songs to come out of the genre, while his last project, A Drillers Perspective, demonstrated that the rapper was more than just a one hit wonder. The rapper is now following this up with A Drillers Perspective 2, all while being behind bars serving a 23 year firearm sentence. All of his lyrical content was recorded before his time in prison, but A Drillers Perspective 2 sounds as fresh as any other Drill project that has dropped this year. 

For an artist who has suffered from a polarising portrayal in the mainstream media, CB has proven once again on his new tape that his raw lyricism and ferocious barring style speak for themselves. On “King of Drill”, the rapper drafts in Kenny Allstar to stake his claim for the top spot, telling his audience just how tied to the streets he really is. On the track, he raps, ‘I was doing drills when I was on curfew, Gun residue come like my perfume.’ There is a no holds barred attitude to CB’s lyricism that helps to paint a vivid picture for his audience. 

The East London rapper however cannot be seen as one dimensional, as if you listen to “Rap or Road”, CB explores the dichotomy between pursuing his career as a rapper, whilst knowing that the lifestyle he raps about will pull him back in. Furthermore, “Married To The Streets” sees CB step out of his comfort zone and move into the genre of romance, helped out by a smooth, understated beat from BKay. 

Considering all of the lyrical content for the project was recorded at least over four years ago, the instrumentals have given the lyrics vitality and complement CB’s flows. “Machines” with Kwengface is a highlight from the project, as the bass heavy beat and pounding drum patterns work well with both rappers fierce performances. Elsewhere, “Do Road” brings a different sonic style to the record, as CB and Snizzy show off their chemistry in a stand out moment on the tape. 

5ive Beatz is a frequent collaborator on the record, and the consistency of his instrumentals brings a cohesion to the whole project. The same can be said for BKay, who has demonstrated his talent as a beat maker perhaps most notably by working with M1llionz. The styles of both producers work well together in the context of the project, and both have managed to elevate the lyrical content of CB to a new level.

In terms of collaboration, Snizzy and Kwengface both delivered outstanding performances on their respective tracks, while on “Game of Thrones” CB’s decision to call upon M24 was proved to be correct, as the featured rapper shows why he is one of the hardest in Drill today. Other highlights across the project come from Sus on “Still Active”, while Squeeks shows composure with his performance on “Gangland”. Fans will also be excited by the snippets featured on “2023 (Trailer)”, where CB previews new music with Unknown T and J Hus.

It is testament to CB’s ability as a Drill artist to maintain this level of influence in the culture from inside a prison cell. In many ways, “Take That Risk” became the poster child of Drill music – celebrated from within the scene, yet vilified and sensationalised by outside audiences. A Drillers Perspective 2 shows that CB is far more than this caricature that the song portrays, as the rapper demonstrates artistic growth that has been built upon his previous project. 

If the “2023 (Trailer)” is anything to go by, we have not heard the last of CB, which was what many people suspected after his last release. While his options have been limited, CB’s talent is undeniable and he looks set to be a mainstay in Drill culture for years to come.