News 16 February 2021
Author: Courtney W

Petition Launched For Council To Grant Man Whose Food Truck Was Burnt Down By Racists A Safe Place To Trade

16 February 2021

A man whose food truck was burnt down by racists last year is now calling on his local council to grant him a location to safely trade food.

In September last year, Nigerian-born chef David Olalekan Kamson caused a huge stir on social media after news broke that his food trailer had been destroyed in a racially-aggravated attack in Moston, Manchester.

The story touched people up and down the country, with a GoFundMe page subsequently raising over £80,000 which helped the chef restart his business with a new van in October.

However, since then, the council have rejected several of David’s applications to trade – without alternative – leaving him unable to cook for the community.

A new petition has now been launched calling for the council to grant David a place to trade food, or to assist him in finding an alternative safe location.

The petition is also calling on Greater Manchester Police to re-open the investigation into the criminals responsible for the racially-aggravated attacks against David, ensuring the chef and his family receive “proper safeguarding” on an “ongoing basis”.

The description of the petition adds: “David is suffering and struggling while the racist attackers, who stole his livelihood twice walk free.”

For more information on the cause and to sign the petition, click here.