News 6 June 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo becomes football’s first billionaire

6 June 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo has become football’s first billionaire.

The Portuguese sports star joins golfer Tiger Woods and boxing’s Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the only men in sport to bring home billions.

Ronaldo took home £85 million in earnings in 2019 which put him second on the list of Forbes’ highest-paid athletes after tennis player Roger Federer.

Ronaldo has earned over £500 million in football wages during his time playing for Manchester United and Real Madrid.

The star also earns an estimated £1 million per Instagram post.

Thanks to contracts and endorsement deals with Nike and his own brand CR7, Ronaldo has made big bank and is set to continue this well into the future.

Third on the list of last year’s highest-paid male athletes is footballer Lionel Messi who is expected to reach the billion mark next year.

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