News 21 December 2021
Author: Andra

Here’s Everything that went Down at D Double E’s Iconic headline London Show

21 December 2021

After delivering three incredible shows in Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham, D Double E came and shut down London’s O2 Forum in Kentish Town on Thursday as part of his 2021 UK tour.

The show was opened by Denz & Renz who brought out East London’s rising talent Jobey for his first show, which was an absolute success as he quickly won over the crowd with his flow and energy. Next up was South London’s Billy Da Kid who performed “Carlos Antonio”, which was very well received by the audience. Lewisham’s rising duo Lewiblue and Sharpablue then took the stage and built up the crowd’s hype just before handing over the mic to Novelist.

Novelist came on stage and got the crowd jumping to “No Weapons”, “Calm” and “Active”, and even treated the audience to an exclusive song which hopefully will drop very soon. His infectious energy spread across the room a whole 30 minutes before wrapping up his set with an acapella performance of his latest singles “ONE ONE”.

As soon as D Double E came on stage and touched the mic the energy went through the roof and the crowd started going off as soon as the first budda bup bup was heard. He opened his set with his wicked Daily Duppy freestyle and then continued with the all-time classics “Signal” and A1 singles “Dem Man Dere”, “Back Then”, “Lemon Trees”, and “Shenanigans”.

Then the real madness was about to start as D Double brought out one of the first surprise guests of the night, Frisco, and they performed “Colours” together. Frisco came off stage after that and the crowd must have felt slightly disappointed for a second as they wanted more, however no one in the room knew that that was just the beginning and D Double was just teasing everyone as he was about to deliver one of the best shows Kentish Town ever witnessed and probably will not witness again for a very long time.

He continued his set with “Contact Us”, and then brought out the next guest no one guessed was coming, the one and only JME. As soon as JME touched the stage the audience went fully off and mosh pits started forming before the two even got to fully dive into the first track, “Till Da Morning Comes”. The next track, “Serious”, got the whole room screaming and shaking the venue.

JME left the stage after the second track and let D Double perform “Bad 2 Da Bone” and “Gs”, just before inviting none other than Scorcher to join him. Together they performed “Jurgen”, which came out just two months ago and everyone was hyped to hear it live for the first time.

By this time everyone was overwhelmed by the series of surprise guests D Double invited. No one expected to see some of the best acts in the grime scene continuously coming on and off the stage, but little did everyone know this was just the beginning.

As soon as they finished performing “Jungen”, D Double had the audience for himself again and proceeded to create madness with “Tell Me a Ting”. No one could tell him a thing and everyone in the room made sure he knew they knew that as they shouted all the bars right back at him.

Just when it looked like the highest level of frenzy had been reached, no one other than Kano rushed on stage to spit his verse and took it to a whole different level. At this point the show felt almost unreal, it wasn’t just a D Double E concert anymore, it was almost like an old school Eskimo Dance, where the reloads wouldn’t stop coming and the crowd wouldn’t stop shouting. And when everyone thought that the show couldn’t get any better, Ghetts came on stage for “Class of Deja” and THAT was when everyone fully lost it. At that point absolute madness set it and the room became one big mosh pit that didn’t stop until the song was done. No words can describe the energy that was going on nor its intensity.

This absolutely matchless, out of this world show was then wrapped up with “Flavour” by Novelist, Footsie, JME and of course D Double E.

As the people were making their way out, everyone was in a state of euphoria and the atmosphere carried on outside the venue as everyone was talking about how that was one of the best shows they had ever been to. Truth to be told, no other show can top it off not only due to the absolute elite performances but also due to the element of surprise that lasted for four full hours and got better and better by the minute. The night of Thursday, 16th December is due to remain one of the greatest nights Kentish Town has ever seen.

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