News 13 July 2022

Devlin Announces Return To Music

13 July 2022

After announcing his retirement from music earlier this year, Devlin has announced he is returning to music with a brand-new album!

The Dagenham icon announced the big news in an Instagram video today, unveiling the title of his new project The James Devlin Album.

“I just wanna say big love to everyone that’s been on me ‘get back on the music, get back on the music’,” Devlin says in the video. “I’ve had a little time out, put a little album together – The James Devlin Album – it’s coming together nicely.

He added: “We’re gonna be back in business. We’re back.”

Devlin’s announcement of his upcoming album comes after he took to Instagram back in March to suggest his most recent album – Eyes For The Blind – would be his last project.

“Thanks to everyone that’s backed me on my journey,” he wrote at the time. “I think this album is goodbye from me, make sure you support @jimmysharplive and @lewiwhite with everything they do in future, two of the realest geezers I’ve had the pleasure to work with and be friends with, massive love to everyone once more.”

The news was met by disappointment from fans who will now be glad to hear he’s not retiring just yet.

Devlin hasn’t announced a release date for The James Devlin Album but he’s told us to look out for freestyles and singles in the near future.