News 8 March 2020

A ‘Digimon Adventure’ reboot is coming

8 March 2020

Anime fans will be excited to learn that a new series of Digimon Adventure will make its debut next month.

This Digimon Adventure reboot was announced last year and is set to see Tai and Agumon tackle new adventures in the digital world.

The trailer’s YouTube description says, “It’s been decided that Digimon Adventure will be broadcast on Japanese TV in 2020 as a completely new animated show. It will depict a “new” adventure that can only be envisioned in modern times, now that the Digital World and real-world are closer to each other than ever before.”

Take in the trailer below.

The Digimon franchise was created 23 years ago in 1997 and almost a quarter of a century later, Digimon has become one of the world’s most popular Japanese media exports.

Digimon was inspired by the Tamagotchi – the virtual pet model which became one of the biggest toy crazes of the 20th century.

Digimon has moved into virtual pets, anime, manga, video games, films, trading card games and of course, any possible branded merchandise you can imagine.

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