News 7 September 2019

Is Drake releasing an album in November?

7 September 2019

Drake is set to release his sixth solo studio album very soon according to a new report.

Following a Universal Music open session which took place in France earlier this week, the release dates for upcoming new material from Rihanna, Drake, Adele, The Weeknd, Migos and Kanye West have been trickling onto the internet following tweet posted by the attendees.

If this new information is to be believed, fans will be treated to a new Drake album in November; the same month Drake released his critically acclaimed album Take Care in 2011.

Drake has been teasing a new album for a while. The artist recently posted the following message to Instagram about his recording process: “Can the mayor of Pickering set up some stronger wifi towers so @boi1da can be able to send me all his newest beats? Trying to cook up. Thanks. – Drake”.

A November release would also be in the middle of Scorpio season; Drake’s zodiac sign which he honoured and celebrated with his last album Scorpion.

Rihanna is also expected to release her new album in November following a music break and focus on building brands outside of music.

Perhaps the Kanye West project will be a surprise as fans are already expected a new album, Jesus is King, from the rapper later this month. Read more about that new project which was announced by Kim Kardashian here