Exclusives 9 December 2020
Author: Joe Hale

GRM Exclusive: 7 Hard Drill tracks from around the World

9 December 2020

Whilst drill has become prominent in the UK, our distinct sounds have made their way across the globe, with rappers from other countries adding their own flair along the way.  

We’ve rounded up seven of the hardest drill bangers from around the world that have caught our attention throughout the year take them in below!

Ghana: Yaw Tog – “SORE” ft O`kenneth,City Boy, Reggie, Jay bahd

Over in Ghana, the Drill scene is sounding raw as ever, it’s been gaining lots of attention and for the right reasons. The track “SORE” goes hard, as the guys all vocal a very hard Chris Rich beat.


France has had a strong drill scene for years now. Currently artists like 1PLIKÉ140 are making movements, consistently bringing out freestyles and new music. Despite Black Music being huge in France, they’re constantly snubbed at Victoires de la Musique (their version of the Brits), something which hopefully will change in the not too distant future.

Brazil: Kyan x Derek –  “Chefin”

In Brazil, the artists have mixed a blend of baile funk and drill together to create this high energy sound. A style that has become popular in the country. Kyan and Derek in the track “Chefin” show this style in full motion along with their playful vocals. 

Italy: Vale Pain Feat Rondo – “Louboutin”

Over in Italy, groups are bringing their own version of drill to the table. On this track “Louboutin”, the Italian MCs go hard over a cold beat.

Germany: Jerome0511 – “PARKPLATZ”

Jerome is an artist who has been putting the German drill scene on the map. He also recently linked up with UK artist Drillminister at the beginning of 2020 for a track, and since then he’s been firing on all cylinders. 

Holland: Devv Tenkay x (73) T – “Rockstar”

Dutch drill is definitely high energy, both Devv Tenkay and T.Y show this on the track “Rockstar”.

Spain: Skinny Flex – “Sin Presion”

Skinny Flex has been gaining attention in Spain, the guy has an infectious flow and has been slowly releasing singles over the past couple of years. We also rate all the football shirts in the videos.

The future of drill looks strong. You don’t always have to know the language to enjoy the music. drill has become so popular all over the world that it’s becoming its own language.

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