Exclusives 31 May 2022

GRM Exclusive: Why ENNY Is One Of The Most Exciting Artists In The Game

31 May 2022

ENNY is an artist with unmatched flows which have placed her in the renowned category as one of the most successful breakthrough artists in recent times. So how has ENNY’s arrival on the scene brought direct attention to the strength of the UK female rap scene?

Throwing it back to the early days, ENNY began to gain attention by creating freestyle videos on YouTube. From her success on the online platform, she went on to self-release her debut single “He’s Not Into You” in 2020.

Despite a large bulk of her rise occurring during the global pandemic – ENNY’s character and sound saw her begin to become a widely recognised sensation. Of course, it was single “Peng Black Girls” which became one of the artist’s most popular tracks in the last year. In the song, ENNY weaves in her persona into the lyrics which explore the themes of being a Black Woman, strength, beauty and diversity. She cleverly intertwines her own experiences of becoming comfortable in her skin to help launch important dialogue within the female community.

Enny’s iconic flows and identity have made a clear impact on directing the market’s attention to the talent of UK female rap artists. She remains both real and raw which is especially evident in her EP titled Under Twenty- Five where she breaks silence on the topic of sexual assault. She uncovers what it feels like to be a female who is experiencing feelings of shame following a sexual assault or abuse. ENNY’s flows are not only notable, but they are also needed where they succeed in creating a safe space and community for listeners. Therefore, the rise of ENNY comes with the emergence of a generation of female rappers who are no longer afraid to speak out. Constantly climbing stream counts become evidence that just as ENNY will continue to rap, the people will continue to listen. 

Relatability has been known to go hand in hand with the rise of an artist in the rap scene. Consequently, perhaps it’s no surprise that ENNY, who possess authenticity and reliability in bucket loads, has experienced such a rapid rise in the scene. Her seven-track EP Under Twenty Five both constructs and deconstructs narratives. Additionally, it also uncovers emotions and ideas which ENNY had built up leading her to the expectation that her life would be “sorted”, when reaching this age where originally she was lead to believe that the milestone meant only the fear of reaching the end of youth. 

ENNY’s identity and presence on the scene has granted her the title of being one of the coldest in the game when it comes to executing her flows. A personal favourite track that I think confirms ENNY as the holder of this title is her collaboration with Odeal on the track “Bernie Mac”. Which even sees Odeal ask ENNY how her “flow is so deadly”. The speed of the catchy yet smooth single casts a spotlight on ENNY’s clear talent and lyrical genius. She’s a woman that has not only proved that she is on top, but has also made clear she’s going to be staying there. 

ENNY is not only unmatched in her success as an emerging female rapper but she is also pioneering in her role as a storyteller. By digging into something deeper in her tracks, she not only relives the South London experience but she showcases those experiences to the world in order to provide people with an authentic image of what it means to be a Black female growing up in Britain. 

To recognise ENNY, is to recognise a female rapper whose deadly flows have become authentic prose and a catalyst for the industry lens being cast on a golden age of domineering UK female talent in the rap scene.