Go Left 6 April 2017
Author: Benji

Go Left: Frenzy’s ‘Personality’ EP Review

Author Benji
6 April 2017

What’s great about the young and developing scene we have in London (and beyond), is the sheer diversity of it. It seems every day a new artist is coming to our attention, sounding new and innovative and original, yet still so distinctly British.

Artists are getting weird and artists are getting experimental, and it’s due time we started highlighting some of these creatives that may otherwise slip under our radar. With that being said, welcome back to Go Left; GRM’s guide to alternative grime, hip-hop and R&B, the best of what you may not have heard yet. 

Go Left is back momentarily for a special review of Hackney rapper Frenzy’s Personality EP. The 24-year-old has linked up with producer Ruben Joy to magnify his personality in music form. 

The title track, which kicks off the project, throws us straight into the depths of Frenzy’s psyche, revealing his need to get out the hood and decision to persist at education which can sometimes go amidst in his situation. There’s no doubt he goes in over the spacey beat, divulging into his physical appearances as much as his everyday struggles, “Gold in my mouth but no tattoo.”   

The in depth lyrics are only elevated further through Ruben Joy’s animated, vivacious production, in which Frenzy himself gives props in the middle of “Confident”, stating: “It’s that personality Ruben is adding to the keys”.

It’s only on the bonus single “High Vis” where Frenzy somewhat lets loose on his serious reflective side – which isn’t a bad thing at all – it’s refreshing to hear the rapper wild out brazenly with a quirky guitar riff paralleling throughout. 

is a brave open analysis of where Frenzy’s at right now in his life; he’s finding himself through every setback and accomplishment, but regardless will always maintain his strong vision and character.

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