News 12 March 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

‘Gang Signs & Prayer’ just hit a major milestone

Author Trudy Barry
12 March 2017

It feels like the hype for this album is never going to stop, and rightly so. In another major milestone for our scene, Stormz’s debut album Gang Signs & Prayer just went certified gold after just 16 days.

Stormzy confirmed the news in a tweet earlier today, stating “GSAP just went GOLD. 16 days in. Grateful would be an understatement.”

In order for an album to be certified gold in the UK it needs to sell 100,000 copies, the fact that Stormzy has managed to reach this point after just over two weeks is actually mental and huge indication of how hard the grime scene is grinding to be recognised. And the hard work is paying off.

Though Stormz isn’t the first grime artist to hit certy gold, with Skepta’s Konnichiwa taking home the accolade at the tail end of last year. JME’s Integrity> also recently bagged a silver certification.

Here’s to more recognition and more life in 2017.