Exclusives 31 March 2022
Author: Seth P

GRM Exclusive: 9 Hardest Lethal Bizzle Bars

31 March 2022

Lethal Bizzle is undoubtedly one of the most pioneering MCs that this country has ever produced. Hailing from Walthamstow, Lethal Bizzle started out is a member of the iconic More Fire Crew in the early noughties.

Before embarking on his solo career, Bizzle and More Fire Crew released a string of timeless classics, most notably of course “Oi”, which is widely regarded as one of the first ever grime tracks to chart, peaking at number 8. Although the group would only release one album More Fire Crew C.V, they had already left an indelible mark on the game.

To celebrate the greatness of Lethal Bizzle, we’ve rounded up nine of his hardest bars to date, from a range of different tracks spanning his career thus far. Take in the list below, and let us know your favourites from Lethal Bizzle’s extensive discography.

More Fire Crew – “Oi”

“I’m off the hook this year, getting mad money off the lyrics this year, When I enter room bare man dem ah stare, Look at that boy thinks he’s a top brer, Nowadays you know I don’t really really care,When I go rave I don’t go screw brer, Draw bare girls, draw bare number”

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include this legendary track. Although Lethal may not win a Pulitzer Prize for the lyrics, the flow and the cadence are unmatched. Reading the lyrics simply wont do them justice, hearing Lethal’s expert delivery over one of the most iconic grime instrumentals ever made, really brings them to life.

Lethal Bizzle – “Pow! (Forward)”

Pow! Yea I’m Lethal da B
Pow! If u don’t know about me
Pow! better ask someone quickly

Lethal B did it again with this one. Dropping first in 2004, and spawning countless other infamous remixes, Lethal Bizzle created another timeless grime anthem, that still shuts down raves almost 20 years later. Lethal’s legendary chorus is instantly recognisable, and is perfect for the call and response hype that the song is built on.

Lethal Bizzle ft. Diztortion – “Fester Skank

“You might see me in a Lambo’
Camo snapback, Rambo
Five hundred horses, Django
Two two chicken, Nando
You might see me in a ‘Rari
Old school fella, Atari”

Lethal Bizzle and serial hitmaker Diztorion team up together on this banger from 2015. Lethal proves that whether it’s on grime bangers like “Oi” or “Pow”, or the more electronic end of the spectrum, he really has a knack for saying really great quotable lines. Something which is obviously essential when making hit records, another thing that Lethal has a knack for.

Lethal Bizzle feat. Giggs & Flowdan – “Round Here”

“Talk about P, My P you’re not near, 500 when I step into gear, look in the rear view don, you’re not there, ten years plus I know it’s not fair, and I’ll do another ten I can see clear”

One of Lethal’s more recent bangers is his link up with Giggs and Flowdan on “Round Here”. The track was actually supposed to be the lead single from his third album Lennox Road. However, at the the time of writing the album still has not surfaced. We can only hope that Bizzle lets this one go soon!

Russ Millions – “Gun Lean (Remix)” (ft. Taze, LD, Digga D, Ms Banks & Lethal Bizzle)

How you got less numbers in your bank
Than your social media? That’s just brass
Every time I talk my g, that’s cash

Dropping three years ago, Bizzle jumped on this huge tune and proved that he is more than capable of sparring with some of the next generations stars. Closing out the song in true Lethal Bizzle fashion, he reminds us to not allow the social currency of follower counts to become our focus.

BackRoad Gee – “Enough is Enough” (ft. Lethal B & JME)

“Ay, life was peak, when I weren’t up gyal didn’t wanna beat, They see the table now they wanna seat, Big dick energy now they want beat”

Bizzle is once again proving just what a generational talent is his on this jumpy anthem from BackRoad Gee. “Enough is Enough” sees Lethal B accompanied by another legend, as JME lays down a cold verse of his own to close out the track. On this one, we see Lethal B in fine form, rapping about his come up, and the trappings that have come with it.

Kray Twinz ft. Twista, Lethal B & Gappy Ranks“What We Do”

“Don’t be silly, the Biz’ already done locked the city
Enough talk let’s get down to nitty-gritty”

This classic was released over a decade ago now, and was most certainly one of the earliest times we saw a Stateside collaboration. The tune features the iconic Low Deep instrumental, “Straight Flush”, and we see Bizzle once again in fine form as he reminds us that the city is his.

Lethal Bizzle – “I Win” ft. Skepta

“Man’s been winning since ching chang walla
Yeah, now we step it up another gear
Still hungry like it was the first year
Sixteen, I was off the hook this year”

Lethal Bizzle jumps on a cold Skepta produced track, and delivers another effortless hit. Dropping in 2017, the tune actually featured on the Need For Speed: Payback soundtrack. The track sees the pair of legendary MCs bring out the best in each other as they trade hard verses on this epochal grime anthem.

Lethal Bizzle – “Wigback Ting

“Man don’t play by the rules
Man don’t wear many jewels
Man don’t own no chains
Out here trying to get gains
I don’t mean gym
Trying to get a house with a gym
Swimming pool even though I can’t swim”

We first got a glimpse of this tune at the end of “I Win”, where we were treated to a snippet of the song. The track featured on Lethal’s EP which dropped in 2017, You’ll Never Make a Million From Grime. The EP also housed some other big tunes, featuring the likes of MoStack, Donae’O and of course Skepta.

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