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GRM Exclusive: 9 Hardest Headie One Hidden Gems

1 October 2021
Headie One Hidden Gems

A distinctive rapper who holds his own and has done so since the beginning of his career. Not afraid to switch it up as a drill rapper, Headie One has kept it PG for chart music but can do the complete opposite for the music holding him down on the roads.

Topping the charts at the beginning of this year with his addictive collaboration with Dave, “18HUNNA”, which had people up and down the country shouting out lyrics which would have seemed impossible only a year ago – “My little bro shitted out the pack and flushed it” – Headie can almost be considered a national treasure.

Emerging into the mainstream with “Know Better” following a personal incident which flooded the social media timelines, Headie’s honesty and consistency set him apart from his peers and allowed him to surpass expectations as a drill artist.

Now arguably one of the heavyweights within the drill community, and now with the release of his next mixtape Too Loyal For my Own Good finally here, we’ve taken the time to delve deep into his discography and now present nine of the hardest Headie One hidden gems.

“Losses & Winnings”

Fresh out of jail, Headie took it upon himself to show us what we had been missing. Although this track was dropped prior to the “Know Better” and “18 Hunna” times, the authenticity of Headie remains the same. His distinctive flow, charismatic bars and one liners all in place. And, of course, would it even be a Headie One track without a football reference?

OFB Lowkey x D1 x Headie One x Kash x Bradz – “War”

Throwing it all the way back to Headie’s days as a dedicated OFB member and balaclava wearer, teaming up with Lowkey, D1, Kash and Bradz; this is by no doubt one of Headie’s tracks that shows his authenticity as a drill artist and one that is reserved for the roads.

Headz – “On Sight”

Another old skool classic which sees a 19 year old Headie going hard over a dark orchestral instrumental. The hood visuals are a far cry from the big budget videos we’ve become accustomed to seeing Headie in, but serves as a reminder for just how long he’s been grinding.

Headz – “Bl@ckbox Freestyle”

Bl@ckbox has been a breeding ground for some of the scene’s biggest talents from Dave to Headie One. Coming in at an incredibly low 32k views, Headie’s Bl@ckbox definitely flew under most people’s radars. With a heap of quotables, Headie’s Bl@ckbox might be one of the hardest ones to date!

Star Gang – “Youngers from Farm”

An even older track which sees Headz collab with some of his contemporaries from the ends. Frequent collaborator RV features on the hook from this banger from way back in 2011, where Headz’s lyrical prowess shines through.

Headie One x DigDat – “Back 2 Back”

Teaming up with one of 2018’s finest rap talents, Headie took his collaborations past North London and this time teamed up with South London’s DigDat. A combination of UK rap and drill, this one does exactly what it says on the tin, with Headie and DigDat going “Back 2 Back” on the looped beat.

Headie One – “I Won’t”

Taken from The One Two mixtape, Headie goes solo in a track that sees him exercising his vocals. With some snippets of harmonising alongside his usual raps, “I Won’t” perfectly captures Headie’s experimental side.

Headz – “Ah One”

Going by his old moniker “Headz”, Headie delivers a melodic flow on “Ah One”. Dropping back in 2013, there are glimmers of his fully developed brilliance, as flexes his vocal range on the hook. Something which would come to separate him from his peers in years to come.

RV ft Headie One – “Cinderella”

Another track to come from the infamous drill duo as he teams up with RV. Taken from RV’s Fresh Prince of Tottenham mixtape which dropped back in 2018, the simplistic production compliments the pairs lyrical talent.

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