Exclusives 8 March 2022

GRM Exclusive: 9 Tracks Championing Female Empowerment For International Women’s Day

8 March 2022

(Co-written by Gloria Bikolo and Naimah Archibald-Powell)

In honour of International Women’s Day, we have collated a handful of UK talent to give you seven tracks championing female empowerment.

With tracks here that celebrate breaking glass ceilings, sexual liberation and black femininity, these songs make for the perfect International Women’s Day playlist.

There’s no doubt that there have been many anthems to empower and lift women in the UK, however, these ones hit us just a little harder!

Miraa May- “Go Girl” Feat Raye

Miraa May and Raye team up on this feel-good anthem, that is a fun celebration on female togetherness. Directed by Sheena Brobbey and Miraa herself, the visuals provide us with a fun yet powerful display of female empowerment as the two singers let their hair down during a staycation!

Ray BLK – “Empress”

We’ve also got Ray BLK’s album title track, “Empress”. The guitar-led song hears Ray sing us through her unfortunate dating experiences and how she’s always allowed herself to move on from those situations because they simply weren’t good enough for her!

As well as moving lyrics, the music video features a lot of powerful women within the music industry – we love it!

Little Simz – “Woman” Feat Cleo Sol

Little Simz dropped this bonafide classic 10 months ago now. The track was performed at the Brits this year, and it finally feels like Simz is getting her long overdue flowers, after picking up an award for best new artist. To those in the know, she’s been grafting for over a decade now, but it’s great to see her finally garnering the attention she deserves nonetheless.

Ghetts – “Black Rose” Feat Kojey Radical

Ghetts released “Black Rose” featuring Kojey Radical on the vocals, as an ode to the black community.

The song touches on the sensitive issues of fatherhood and the social mistreatment of black women, starting off the track with a recording of his daughter asking the important question “Daddy, how come there are no dolls that look like me in the shops?”.

International Women’s Day is about politics just as much as it is celebration and empowerment – meaning that a track like “Black Rose” should have its rightful place on this playlist thanks to its exploration of colourism and female body image.

 Br3nya ft Hamzaa“Sis”

Two of the UK’s promising talents Br3nya and Hamzaa teamed up to provide us with the anthem “Sis”. They acknowledge all of the hardworking stay-at-home mums, graduates, students and so on, out there doing whatever they do as best as they can. Making sure that women are getting it for themselves and not solely reliant on anyone else and that whatever they are going through will pass.

Ms Banks – “Bad B Bop”

Ms Banks “Bad B Bop” couldn’t be left out of this list, the braggadocious lyrics, the confidence and the flair in her flow will surely have you feeling like a Bad B.

With lyrics like “Don’t need your compliments/I’m confident/ I move with the ambience” how could this not bring out our inner Bad B.

This is the type of song we listen to, to hype up ourselves when we’ve finished getting ready and we know we look good.

Mahalia Feat Little Simz – “Proud of Me”

Mahalia and Little Simz linked up for this perfect fuse of R&B, hip-hop and soul. In the track, they both recognize their achievements and are glad to have something to bring back home to their family and friends to show appreciation for their support and signify their success “The one thing I have always said that makes me truly happy is knowing that my family, friends and you guys are proud of what I have achieved.”

Ms Dynamite – “It Takes More”

The veteran Ms Dynamite has always been known to speak her truth and is no different in “It Takes More”. Here, she calls out the materialistic rappers and their values, telling them it takes more than the flashy garms, the cars and jewellery to impress her. She addresses real-life issues and things that matter way more than the exterior, such as violence, war & poverty all over the world.

Enny featuring Amia Brave – “Peng Black Girls”

Enny’s “Peng Black Girls” featuring Amia Brave and the remix featuring Jorja Smith is a much-loved and very recent offering that celebrates black women.

With colourism so rife in the world and black women often bearing the brunt of the world’s injustices, “Peng Black Girls” acts as an empowering and uplifting anthem that celebrates the frequently overlooked.

The track celebrates diversity and encourages unity – something which is prominent in all feminist ideology.

There we have it, nine songs championing female empowerment by an array of incredible artists!

Ranging from old school to new school sound, it is encouraging to know that people and important issues are constantly being acknowledged!