News 1 April 2022

Jamal Edwards’ Family Launch The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust

1 April 2022

The family of the late Jamal Edwards have launched The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust in memory of the SBTV founder and music entrepreneur.

Jamal Edwards sadly passed away in February and the new trust aims to “honour his memory and continue his legacy.”

The foundation will support “causes which mattered most to Jamal”, such as homelessness and mental health.

The trust will also dedicate its “energy and resources” to establishing The SB Academy, which will “continue the mission started by Jamal of hosting specialised programmes aimed at helping young people from underprivileged backgrounds prepare themselves for adult life, providing them with essential life skills training, supported by an access to industry programme”.

A fundraiser has been set up for the trust and has been shared by Jamal’s mother, Brenda.

“Jamal no longer being here has left a huge impact on the lives of his family, friends and all those he supported and lifted in his unique and humble way,” a statement reads on the GoFundMe page. “Jamal lived his life staying true to himself, providing a platform for all to showcase what made them special whilst encouraging all to believe in themselves to achieve their full potential.

For more information on The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust and to donate, click here.