Videos 19 October 2021
Author: Luke Forte

Joy Crookes Graces Us With Regal Visual Treatment For “Trouble”

Author Luke Forte
19 October 2021

Lambeth’s serene songstress Joy Crookes continues to manifest the elegant aura she emits through her soundscape within yet another visual masterpiece.

“Trouble” sees Joy grace our feed once again with another bountiful offering sourced from the talent’s debut album Skin that’s recently seen outstanding reviews from a plethora of publishers, with the Guardian describing the project as a true ‘masterclass’.

Joy truly lives up to the claims of her being one of the classiest talents about right now too, not only within the luxe harmonies the songstress strings together but also the mesmerising visual pieces she ties to the stories she weaves within those abundant soundscapes.

Turning to visionary Nono Ayuso to direct the “Trouble” visuals, Joy and Nono takes us back to the middle ages; showcasing the songstress looking as elegant as ever, draped in glistening armour as she partakes in a sword-drawn duel within a grandeur manor house.

Make sure to take in “Trouble” above and listen to Joy’s debut album Skin right here.