Exclusives Interviews 15 June 2021

GRM Exclusive: Kida Kudz Talks New Project ‘Top Memba’, Nigeria, Fashion & More

15 June 2021
Kida Kudz Interview

Since bursting onto the scene in 2017 with his inspired hit “Issa Vibe”, Kida Kudz has been all about making music from the heart and implementing sounds he grew up on. Whether it be the energetic hit “1AM” or the fresh sounds of “Animalistic”, Kida has been able to showcase his versatility throughout his music, all whilst displaying and touching on key themes that we can relate to in everyday life.

Music is at the forefront for Kida Kudz, but the talented artist has no limits on trying to expand on his successful career, fashion playing a pivotal role too. Last year saw the emergence of his stylish clothing line Jiggy Boyz and a strong collaboration with the up-and-coming Daily Paper. The rapper who originates from Nigeria, gifted fans the merchandise they’ve been waiting for, which included trendy sweats, joggers and the highly-anticipated durag wave cap!

Tomorrow will see Kida Kudz release the visuals for his Tupac-inspired single “Makaveli”, fitting in perfectly with the birth of the legendary rapper (June 16th). The Jiggy Boyz frontrunner is ready to take over the charts and July 9th is the date set-in-stone for his eagerly-anticipated new project Top Memba

We spoke to Kida Kudz to find out more about the Top Memba, the recording process, inspirations and all other motivating factors that played a part!

Let’s talk about the upcoming project Top Memba, explain what this tape means to you?

“This is just me bigging up my chest again, Top Memba is like a fine-tuned, well-balanced Kida Kudz. My first project was more of an introduction, this is certified bangers! Over the last few years I’ve been working hard, perfecting the craft. I’m excited to put this one out there and this ones for all the members!”

What was the recording process like?

“The majority of the records were done in my front room to be honest! Maybe 8 out the 10 tracks, that was the recording process. I like to be in my own world the majority of the time so that was the best way to record this project.”

What do you want the listeners to feel when they listen to Top Memba?

“I want them to fly away! I want them to forget their sorrow, Animalistic Dancing (Referring to the single “Animalistic”) – Put all the pain away. I just want everyone to have something to feel good to and to have a break from this current madness (Covid-19). Hopefully by summertime we can do shows and see all the people in real life!”

Let’s speak about the single “Ball Till We Fall” featuring Bella Shmurda – What was the vibe like when creating the song?

“I was seeing the number 444 on my phone randomly for three nights. I went studio and searched what it meant, and it told me that it’s an angel number, someone trying to contact you and let you know what going on! I recorded that in the living room with my friends and created a vibe. Me and Bella were speaking prior about being on each other’s albums, so it was perfect to get one verse from each other. We did it online then flew out to Nigeria to shoot the video.”

So you shot the visuals in Lagos, Nigeria, just like you did for “Animalistic”. Is there an importance of going home to shoot the videos for the new project?

“Of course, everyone’s been waiting to see me in a video in Nigeria! I’ve been away for a second, but it’s only right to go back and connect with the people again.”

You’ve been creating all these vibes, spreading all the energy, how has it been not being able to share it in person with the fans?

“It’s been the biggest problem I can’t lie. Every artist, when we make music in the studio we hope to perform straight away because that’s the joy we get from creating these records. Fortunately for me, I performed a few times in Nigeria. Hopefully soon, everything will come together once again.”

When did you feel like it was time to take music seriously and take it forward as a career?

“Ever since I was 14 when I started. I went school, college, university, but have done music all my life. I can’t do anything better than music!”

There’s a real mix of sounds on Top Memba – “Problem” is a smooth, head bopper. “Ghetto” is raw and has a great story. “Redemption” has positive messages throughout. What was the most enjoyable track for you to record?

“I would say “Ghetto”. That was my first time being able to connect with my people from another country (Jamaica). I’m big on the new school Jamaican music, and it’s really nice to link up with the people that I listen to from the other side and we make great records together!”

So we’ve touched on Top Memba, now let’s talk about Jiggy Boyz. What does it mean to be a Jiggy Boyz member?

“It’s just you being real, being yourself, not seeking validation from anybody and being solid! Standing on your ten toes without having to explain yourself. It’s everything to do with yourself and what you bring to the table!”

Is it something you want to expand in the future?

“The brand is going to get so big. Entertainment, sport and fashion. We’re going step-by-step and eventually get to the stage to invest in other artists.”

You previously collaborated with the brand Daily Paper, how did it feel bringing out a clothing line with them?

“Shout out to Daily Paper! The design was done in a Nando’s shop! These are the Kida Kudz fits, extra large / baggy wear, I want the supporters to be able to dress like that without having to spend too much money. It was worldwide shipping, I went back to Nigeria and seeing people wearing the wave cap, I was like wow! We’re working on new designs with Daily Paper and will be working in the future. Something will be dropping soon again.”

What are your other go-to brands at the moment?

“Supreme, Bape, Billionaire’s Boys Club, Palace. I’m on a streetwear vibe!”

We’ve also seen that you have two baby boys! Is that extra motivation to succeed and push yourself more?

“Yes, I think that comes naturally. I’m trying to be a Dad and enjoy my moments with my kids. The industry is crazy, it’s up and down but I’m trying to find a way to enjoy my career besides my family. No pressure, it’s just beautiful!”

So who were your inspirations growing up and did they shape the music you make now?

“I’m sure all my neighbours back home added to my career! In Africa, we grow up on music around us and it’s just me absorbing this stuff without even trying to. I grew up listening to a lot of local music. There’s this great man called Ebenezer who makes Apala music! Another genre of Afrobeats.”

Is there anyone from the UK that’s also inspired you and helped to shape your music?

“When I first moved here, I listened to a lot of Tim Westwood, watching freestyles of Wiley. Shout out to the G.O.A.T Wiley who I actually made a record with! I knew about him before I even came here.”

So far, who’s been the most enjoyable artist you’ve got to work with?

“I would say Rema but that’s not even out yet! Both of us in the studio, not speaking to each other just trying to get our verses out there! I’ve always wanted to match my energy with somebody that doesn’t want to speak, just ready to work. That was a lovely session, big up Rema.”

What key tips do you have for any aspiring artist or anyone trying to break through the industry?

“Just keep doing what your doing, don’t watch nobody! Focus on your craft, focus on the music because that will be the greatest achievement. If the music is good, everything else will come with it.”