News 22 September 2019

Check out this unearthed video of Kim Kardashian & Tupac

22 September 2019

Kim Kardashian has revealed that she starred in a Tupac video in the 90s.
Revealing the trivia during her friend’s podcast episode, Kim said, “When I was 14, I was in a Tupac video. It was like 1994. No. No one would ever know. So first of all, we lied and said we were like 18 probably. I definitely looked 18.
Kim said she didn’t meet the rap legend however, adding, “He wasn’t there. I’ve never seen the footage. We were walking down the runway, like we were models walking down a runway. It wasn’t like we were in bikinis by the pool or anything like that. We were literally walking down a runway, and it was Kim Stewart, Kourtney, me and maybe like one or two other of our friends.”

Kim further reflected on the video shoot in detail adding, “I just remember we definitely didn’t tell our parents. It was supposed to be for some music video. I never saw it ever come out, and I was bracing myself to tell my dad that I did this Tupac video…It’s out there and I hope someone finds it”.

Gossip pages such as TMZ and TooFab have suggested that the video in question might be for Tupac’s 1996 hit ”All About U” which is taken from his critically acclaimed album All Eyez on Me.

Check out the visuals below and let us know on socials if you spot Kim and Kourtney Kardashian.

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