News 3 June 2021

Fekky’s CC Foundation Launches UK’s First Laptop Library To Help Disadvantaged Pupils

3 June 2021

Fekky’s CC Foundation has partnered with IT service provider Totality Services to launch the UK’s first ever laptop library to support disadvantaged students get online.

Based in Lewisham, south London, the libary will allow children to borrow a laptop for for free and take it home for a set period of time.

The laptop library is expected to support more than 1,000 children this year.

The launch of the library comes after a survey of 13,000 young people in London found that 84% don’t have access to a computer outside of school, while more than half did not have internet access at home.

Speaking on the initiative, the founder of CC Foundation Fekky said: “We believe that creating the Tech Suite with Totality will go a long way in challenging these issues, provide people with the opportunities to see and set high standards for themselves.”

The launch of the library comes a year after Fekky established the CC Foundation which aims to support young people in the UK.

At the time of launch, Fekky said the organisation will begin operations in his hometown of Lewisham before helping children in other parts of the country.