News 21 April 2021

YouTuber Niko Omilana Is Highest Ranking Independent Candidate In New London Mayor Polls

21 April 2021

New polls for the upcoming London mayoral election are in and they’ve revealed that YouTube prankster Niko Omilana is the highest ranking candidate after those representing for main political parties.

In an exclusive opinion poll for ITV News London, Niko came in 5th place which is the highest position for a candidate not representing Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats or the Green Party.

Among the 18-24 age group, 19% said they would be prepared to vote for Niko in the election.

However, the polls show he’s only the first choice for City Hall for 5% of Londoners so it’s not looking likely that he’ll become mayor once the official votes are in.

Niko began his campaign to become the Mayor Of London a few weeks ago in a now viral video where he said: “There is no greater leader in this country than me so please my friends, vote Niko for Mayor of London on May 6th or your breath stinks.”

While it’s looking like he might not win at the moment, the £10,000 deposit Niko submitted to enter the race could be returned if he does secure 5% of the votes as the polls suggest.

The new ITV polls show that Labour’s Sadiq Khan is still on track to win with 41%, with Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey in second place at 28%.

The winner will be revealed following the election on May 6.