News 7 August 2021

Fans report ‘Love Island’ to Ofcom after Faye argues with Teddy

7 August 2021
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Love Island viewers have taken to social media to share that they have complained to Ofcom about the series after Faye Winter argued with Teddy Soares last night.

Following Thursday night’s movie night challenge, several Islanders were left upset but the clips that were shown of their partners.

Liberty was upset because Jake was caught on camera saying that he was not sexually attracted to her and Tyler was left uncomfortable by Kaz’ flirtation with Matthew.

The explosive drama came though when scenes showed Faye with Sam in Casa Amor and Teddy with Clarisse.

Teddy was shown telling Clarisse that he was sexually attracted to her and that he was technically single.

Faye was left furious by the clip and proceeded to argue with Teddy as well as Dale who tried to diffuse the situation.

Faye told Teddy, “‘I told you the truth. And you told me jacks****. I don’t want to speak to you right now, because I don’t want to scream. You look like a two-faced prick.”

“You had a sexual connection with Clarisse, you didn’t trust sharing a bed with her.

“I’m done with this conversation. If you want to speak about my reaction based on your actions, you can f**k off. 

“My action, my reaction, was only based on your f**king actions, so f**k off.”

Teddy was cut off by Faye on several occasions and was seen crying at one point.

Fans on Twitter were left distressed by the scenes and many accused Faye of gaslighting and verbal abuse, with some saying they were reporting the scenes to Ofcom.

One user said, “The producers really decided that Teddy’s mental health would be the collateral damage for high viewing figures. Awful to watch.”

Another added, “I have never complained to Ofcom in my life and it takes a lot to get to me but last night’s episode was one exploitation too far. Faye needs to be removed from the villa.”

In a series of Love Island commentary tweets, Zeze Millz said, “Faye is emotionally bullying Teddy.”

This latest Love Island drama comes after over 4000 people complained to Ofcom about the use of the Casa Amor postcard which was sent back to the girls in the villa.

The postcard depicted the guys in compromising positions and led to the temporary demise of several relationships.

(Image Credit: Love Island – YouTube)