News 7 July 2022
Author: Courtney W

Meron T Joins Nikhil Beats On Upbeat Single “Face Your Demons”

7 July 2022

East London artist-producer Nikhil Beats has gifted us with a new single titled “Face Your Demons” featuring south London singer-songwriter Meron T.

With Nikhil Beats creating an upbeat yet breezy production and Meron T providing the song with her angelic vocals, “Face Your Demons” is spirited offering perfect for those late summer evenings.

“This is the first chapter of something special,” Nikhil said when speaking on the track. “The aim for me is to defy a genre and that’s something that I’ve done with “Face My Demons”.

“I’m excited for everyone to see this carefully crafted narrative that I’ve been shaping and hopefully it will inspire a young person somewhere along the way.”

If “Face Your Demons” marks the start of a new chapter for Nikhil, then we can expect even more sick releases from the producer going forward.

Take in “Face Your Demons” below, before going back to hear Nikhil Beats and Kieron Boothe link up on “Thrills”.