News 13 May 2022

Listen To Obongjayar’s Debut Album ‘Some Nights I Dream Of Doors’

13 May 2022

London-based Nigerian artist Obongjayar has gifted us with his debut album titled Some Nights I Dream Of Doors.

Obongjayar garnered a lot of attention in 2021 after appearing on Pa Salieu’s “Style & Fashion” and Little Simz’s “Point & Kill” but his talents as a solo artist shine through on his first ever LP.

Weaving between soundscapes, Obongjayar creates a futuristic body of work on Sometimes I Dream Of Doors; exploring a number of personal and political subjects in the process.

The 12-tracker features a range of new singles, as well as the previously released “Message In A Hammer”, “Try” and “Tinko Tinko”

“This album dives into the idea of opportunity and tries to explore what that means, what lies behind those doors, and asks if we’re ready for it,” Obongjayar says of the project. “The pursuit of success, what happens when you achieve it, and what happens if you don’t?  What does success mean? The head, the body, and the end of a dream.

“Opportunity is looking forward, and in that lies the question of time. What is your place in it? To know the future, or to fully be aware of your present, you need to analyse and understand your past. It’s an endless loop that continuously piles on itself.”

Take in Sometimes I Dream Of Doors below!